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Dentistry has developed dynamically in recent years. In our dental practice in Karlsruhe, we offer you the entire range of modern dentistry at the highest level. To keep up to date we invest in the latest equipment, materials and training.

Instead of loose in the mouth - stuck in the jaw: I always strive to preserve their own Teeth on - should this no longer be possible I recommend fixed dentures, through the use of minimally invasive implants. The dental technology laboratory in our house makes it possible for us to coordinate and implement individual and aesthetically sophisticated solutions in a timely manner.

It is important to us that you, as a person always Being in the center of attention - The personal conversation, is of central importance to implement your individual wishes and ideas in your best possible treatment. Our dental practice is organized as appointment practice. As a result, there are usually few or very short waiting times for our patients.

Our ultimate goal is always to make you feel comfortable - during the treatment you should know what is happening at all times ...

Our dental hygienists, as certified specialists, ensure your optimal prophylaxis for professional oral hygiene and periodontitis pre-treatment.


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Our treatments



  • early diagnosis and prevention of caries and periodontal diseases

  • diagnostics of saliva

  • fissure sealing

  • professional teeth cleaning

Minimally invasive implants


  • top quality

  • pain-free

  • immediately loadable

  • cost-effective

Aesthetic dentistry


  • front teeth thin covers (veneers)

  • full ceramics and galvanic crowns (inlays)

  • layered plastic fillings, also with ceramic inserts

  • dental bleaching

  • dental jewellery “Dazzler”

Prosthetics (tooth replacement)


  • as low stress as possible due to efficient and time-optimized treatment in few
    concentrated sessions

  • bridge techniques that can spare tooth substance (glueing bridges, inlay bridges,

  • cooperation only with top-quality local companies specialised in dental technique

Naturopathic dental treatment


  • material test with electroacupuncture according to Voll

  • bioresonance therapy

  • magnet field therapy

  • laser treatment

  • amalgam sanation with revesal

Root treatment


  • depot prosthesis according to Knappwost for sterilisation of the complete canal system

  • desinfection of the main and side canals with highly diffusive CHKM

Digital x-ray


  • high-resolution images of individual teeth and panorama images in the treatment room
    with approximately 80% reduced radiation dosis

Anti-Snoring Therapy


  • Only 3 treatments of 20 minutes each
  • Safe laser treatment: no anesthesia, no pain, no scars
  • Maximum success rate after thorough investigation


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Satisfied costumers


Dedicatet employees


Our Team

Markus Boldyreff
Sandra H.

schedule coordination


quality management

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Felipe Spörle
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Almedina B.




Simone F.


Professional tooth cleaning


Farnaz A.

dental specialist



Satisfied costumers

“Markus Boldyreff works as a dentist

excellent job and

is calm in person.

I was particularly enthusiastic about the minimally invasive implants,

they are still stuck today without any problems.

The practice rooms are attractive and modern.

The staff are always friendly and well organized. "

Rudi S. from Karlsruhe

“I was very dissatisfied with my last dental practice (unfriendly staff and a doctor who constantly wanted to sell additional services that were subject to a fee). That's why I asked around in the circle of friends and received a recommendation for the practice from Markus Boldyreff. Since I had acute toothache, I got an appointment at very short notice. I immediately felt at home in the practice. The entire team is extremely friendly, courteous, competent and empathetic. The modern ambience of the practice has a relaxing effect. The advice and treatment from Markus Boldyreff was excellent. Many Thanks!"

Martin P. from Durmersheim

Markus Boldyreff does

his work masterfully.

Place implants and


-all the best.

I've never been in pain

no big cheeks etc.

I can do it 100%


Top address . ”

Christa W. from Karlsruhe


How to find & Contact us

Your practice for dentistry in the heart of Karlsruhe near the Postgalerie and the Ludwigsplatz

Bürgerstrasse 12

76133 Karlsruhe

opening hours

Monday - Thursday

08.00 – 12.00 am

15.00 – 18.00 pm

and by individual agreement





+49 721-698404

or mail to:



The parking garage Ludwigsplatz is located directly opposite our practice ...